SJC Wire Tech  is  focused on best in class copper wire replacement The SJC Hyperconducting wire will be lighter, cheaper , more conductive and significantly smaller by employing state of the art engineering and premium raw materials Our goals are lofty and our pursuit to build the most advanced wire company in the world, will take the efforts of  great people and great industry partners. We encourage you to learn more about what we are doing and stay in touch as we begin to take on this task.   Concept to manufacturing right here in North America.



Hyperconducting wire is a term we use to help you better understand where our future product will fit into the world of conductivitty. Copper wire has been in use for well over a hundred years and the properties of copper have been unmatched until now. Introducing Graphene and  special technics to manipulate graphene with other materials will allow us to create  a wire that will move energy extremely efficiently, cost effectively, lighter and safer. We are a carbon sciences company. This knowhow and the expertise of our partnerships will guide the development of a full range of next generation wire and cables for virtually all industries. The environmental impact with the tremendous reduction in raw material consumption will be a benefit to all.



We are well underway. Many years of research and development have led to this very place and time. Now we will take this knowledge into mass production. Over the last ten years an entirely new crop of companies has emerged. The new material companies are making tremendous gains with new technics and equipment. They are making the unimaginable, possibleOur company is fast tracking the manufacturing process with our partners. Our goal is to  have test wire ready for a number of current client projects. We look forward to everyone taking the time to follow our progress into the future.