Product under Development

The company is dedicated to manufacturing a significant line of wire and cable for many industries. Please inquire about your specific needs and application. The company is always open to looking at new problem to solve. The main primary focus is to have small gage wire (shielded and magnetic) in various gage sizes from 22 to 12. Engineering will work closely to a goal of lighter and with significant cost reduction over traditional wire.

Product Applications

The first production wire is under development for a magnetic application in an alternator (waste energy recovery) for details on the waste energy recovery please refer to our patent section on the website.

The company is looking to industry for a partner for other first off applications. If your research and development team os looking for an opportunity to greatly improve the performance, cost, weight, size and heat. We would be interested in speaking with your team.



Light gage  HC22s

Light gage  HC20s
Light gage  HC18s
Light gage  HC16s
Light gage  HC14s
Light gage  HC10s

Light gage  HC12s

Magnetic HC22ns

Magnetic HC20ns

Magnetic HC18ns

Magnetic HC16ns